By now, most of you have heard about DMAA being on the banned substances list by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Australian athletes were banned from their sports because they tested positive for the stimulant, DMAA. Since then, many customers in Australia have asked if DMAA is still legal, and if there will be any problems with shipping and customs.

DMAA to be banned in Australia

Up until now, DMAA was still found in many workout and diet supplements, which is how some of the athletes had unknowingly taken the stimulant.

WADA has even considered banning caffeine, but has yet to do so. This is probably because caffeine is so prevalent in drinks that banning it would disqualify the majority of athletes.

But now, DMAA is being banned in Australia because of supposed health risks. Despite the validity of this there is a solution if you still need a supplement like DMAA that isn’t banned.

A DMAA Alternative

Many supplement companies have tried to come up with alternatives to DMAA, but most fall flat. There is one supplement called Neuroshock that is almost identical to DMAA in its effects. This DMAA alternative is more expensive per dose, but it worth it since there is not as much of a “crash” after it wears off and, after your first time taking it, you will experience longer effects than you did with DMAA.



Neuroshock also is a pre blended stack, so there is no need to buy other ingredients to stack with this supplement in order to increase the effectiveness.